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Laser Tools | 3389 | TS Star Bits (5 Sided) 1/4"D 7pc


This Five sided Star tamperproof bit set is supplied complete with socket rail
  • TS10, TS15, TS20, TS25, TS27, TS30, TS40.
  • Tamperproof.
  • Now a popular security fastening on Renault | Peugeot | Mercedes-Benz. Other fixings include air conditioning units | Diesel Injection Pumps and engine control units.
  • 1/4"D
  • Manufactured from Silicon Steel.
PMM Top Product Winner

“thank you so much for your reply and your kind offer to send the adaptors FOC. You can be sure we at Acorn Training Academy will be using Laser Tools for a long time to come. This level of service is almost unheard of and we are most grateful. - Head Tutor from Acorn Training Academy”