Fuel Tank Sender Wrench Monday, 17 May 2010
Fuel Tank Sender Wrench

This adjustable 3 legged wrench has been specifically designed to remove the retaining ring on the fuel tank sender units.

The size will adjust from 75mm to 160mm making it ideal for universal use across a wide range of makes and models.

Another essential tool from your specialist tool supplier (Part No 4768).

For further information please contact the Marketing Department on 01926 818196 or e-mail marketing@toolconnection.co.uk

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“I rang you a couple of days ago, asking whether you could supply me with an anvil for a motor bike chain splitter, I spoke to a guy from your service dept, (Alan) I think his name was. Could you thank him big time I received the anvil in this morning's post, thank you very much for your great service - Jeff from Stockport”