New extension ratchet removes the parts other tools cannot reach

Now this is another interesting device from Laser Tools. The problem to solve: a fastener buried deep in the engine bay. It may be a pulley securing nut, a water pump mounting bolt or an A/C compressor adjustor. You may just be able to get a spanner on, but there’s definitely no room for a ratchet handle if you want to remove the fastener quickly. Reach for this new extension ratchet (part number 7655). It’s 340mm long and enables you to remotely ratchet off the fastener, using either a 3/8" or 1/4" drive ratchet handle.

Its length and super-slim profile lets you get down there and straight onto the fastener. You don’t need any room to move the extension ratchet — it stays still while you attach a ratchet handle to the free end and spin off the fastener. Inside is a smooth and durable chain that transmits the drive from the ratchet handle straight down to the fastener. And it’s tough — you can apply a maximum torque of 130Nm using the 3/8" drive. You’ll wonder how you did without it!

3/8" drive at one end and 1/4" drive at the other. Use whatever combination or ratchet handle and socket size that works best. Each drive has an easily removable adaptor to take a socket or bit driver. Remove the adaptor to attach the ratchet handle, pop the adaptor back in to take a socket or bit driver.

A real timesaver and available now from your local Laser Tools supplier.

Posted on Friday 08 November 2019
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