New range of ultra-thin open ended spanners

This new range of ultra-thin open-ended spanners from Laser Tools offers ten beautifully balanced and finished spanners that are manufactured from strong chrome vanadium and are ideal when space is restricted and there is just not enough room to get a spanner over the fastener. This could be gland nuts on shafts and pipe fittings, or a very narrow hex on a stud or shaft designed to hold it still while another fastener is removed.

Set 6788 comprises six spanners in the following sizes and approximate spanner thicknesses: 6mm x 7mm (2.1mm thick); 8mm x 9mm, 10mm x 11mm (2.5mm thick); 12mm x 13mm, 14mm x 15mm (3.5mm thick) and 16mm x 17mm (4.5mm thick).

Set 6789 comprises four spanners in the following sizes and approximate spanner thicknesses: 18mm x 19mm (4.5mm thick); 20mm x 22mm, 21mm x 23mm and 22mm x 24mm (5.5mm thick). Both sets are supplied in blister packs.

Set 6996 includes all the above ten spanner sizes and additionally they are presented in a very practical machine-cut EVA foam tray that is designed to fit in a tool box or roll-cab drawer, keeping the tools safe and always ready to hand.

They are available now from your Laser Tools stockist.

Posted on Wednesday 07 March 2018
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