Rusty and corroded parts? Sometimes you need a little extra persuasion

Locking vice-grip pliers are always useful but sometimes you just need a little bit extra persuasion, especially with rusty and corroded parts. These new locking pliers from Laser tools (part number 7005) have a slide-hammer built in. And what a difference this makes!

The tool is a high quality and very robust set of vice-grip pliers which is connected to a useful length slide hammer (370mm). It offers all the advantages of both tools, the versatility and gripping power of the vice-grip pliers, added to the power and control of a slide hammer.

You will find this a tremendously useful tool in the workshop. The universal-joint type connection between the pliers and the slide hammer means that you can pull from an angle, so do not need straight access onto the component. Numerous applications on modern cars, four-wheel-drives and classic cars: bolts, door hinge pins, suspension clevis bolts, swivel pins, indeed any stubborn components that can be removed with a straight pull. The pliers can also be used to apply a twisting force to assist in the extraction or pulling operation. A few steady taps and it’s out. Ideal for use in automotive workshops, body shops, woodworking and fabrication workshops.

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist.

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Workshop Tools
Workshop Tools
Posted on Wednesday 28 March 2018
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