Tough and easy to clean stainless steel drip tray

We would like to think that our cherished cars and motorcycles never drip oil, but alas, that’s not always the case. An old piece of cardboard or even a plastic tray can be messy and unsightly, but Laser Tools has an alternative: their stainless steel drip tray (part number 7352) is just the job.

The tray is usefully sized at 600mm long, 400mm wide and 48mm deep; it is manufactured from Type 201 stainless steel which is exceptionally tough and strong. It will slip easily under the lowest sports car, looks professional if your car is on display, and is very easy to clean. Can be used with the Laser Tools oil absorption pads if required (part numbers 5712 and 5713).

A convenient and robust drip tray that also has many non-automotive uses. Available now from your Laser Tools stockist.

Posted on Friday 06 September 2019
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