Digital Torque Wrench 6-30 Nm 1/4"D Part No. 5167

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Torque Wrench Compilation
Torque Wrench Compilation

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£188.50 exc VAT
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A digital, bi-directional torque wrench with 5 measurement settings and range 6-30Nm

Additional Information

  • Range 6-30 Nm | 4.4-22.12 Ft-lbs, bi-directional.
  • Switchable Kg-m | Kg-cm | Lb-inch | Ft-lbs | Nm.
  • Accuracy + or- 4% peak and trace mode.
  • Battery supplied CR2032.
  • Auto shut off 80 seconds.
The new Laser ¼-inch drive electronic digital torque wrench (part no: 5167) is designed for the professional user and for lower torque applications when a high degree of accuracy is required. Suitable for racing applications, motorcycle applications, spark plugs, bleed nipples, alloy blocks and cylinder heads, securing alloy tyre valves in alloy wheels, etc.

Accuracy is measured to + or – 4%, the wrench is bi-directional, allowing torque to be measured in both directions. It has an easy to read electronic display that shows Nm, foot/pounds, inch/pounds, kilogram-metres and kilogram-centimetres. Can be set to ‘peak’ (maximum torque applied) or ‘trace’ (reading in real time as torque is applied to the fastener), and torque readings are visual and audible. The inbuilt memory will hold up to 50 torque settings. Measures 6—30 Nm (4.4 — 22 lb/ft).

It features a quick-release mechanism, smooth 36-tooth ratchet, and automatically shuts off after 80 seconds. Supplied in a sturdy storage case, comes with full instructions and the battery is included.

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