6530 Pneumatic Jack - 2 Tonne

CE Approved Product Video available

Lightweight and fast lift, ideal for bodyshops, tyre bays etc.

  • Supplied with 75mm removable support cup.
  • Min height 115mm, max height 430mm.
  • Working pressure: 8 bar, lifting time 3 seconds, pressure blow off valve.
  • To be used in conjunction with axle stands.
  • 50mm cup (giving 30mm extra lift) available, please see Laser Part No. 4368
TSP: £762.84 ex VAT £915.41 inc VAT

Lightweight and fast lift, ideal for bodyshops, tyre bays etc.

  • Pneumatikheber – 2 Tonnen
  • Min. Höhe 115 mm, max. Höhe 430 mm
  • Betriebsdruck: 8 bar, Hebedauer 3 Sekunden, Überdruckventil
  • Zur Verwendung in Verbindung mit Achsständern
  • Leicht, schnelle Anhebung, ideal für Karosseriewerkstätten, Reifenmontage usw.
TSP: £762.84 ex VAT £915.41 inc VAT

Lightweight and fast lift, ideal for bodyshops, tyre bays etc.

  • Cric pneumatique sous forme de 2 boudins gonflables
  • Hauteur minimum 115mm et hauteur maximum 430mm (parfait pour voiture de sport ou l'accès est restreint)
  • Pression de travail : 8 bars. Durée de gonflage ; 3 secondes. Valve de sécurité
  • A utiliser en conjonction avec des chandelles
  • Equipement légers et rapide d'utilisation - Idéal pour tout type de garagiste et collectionneurs – ne prends pas de place
TSP: £762.84 ex VAT £915.41 inc VAT
CE Approved Product Video available
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Press Release
New Pneumatic Jacks from Laser Tools

The traditional workshop trolley jack can be cumbersome and very heavy, but it also takes time to jack up a vehicle. Introducing the new pneumatic jacks from Lasers Tools — light weight, easily manageable and super-fast! Two versions available, the two-chamber model (part number 6530) has a maximum height of 430mm, and the three-chamber model (part number 6531) goes up to 550mm, both with a lifting capacity of 2 tonnes.

Connect to the workshop air supply and you will have even the lowest vehicle lifted in seconds. Saves all that strain of pumping away at a trolley jack — the pneumatic jacks lift effortlessly — and drop down again smoothly and safely. The included extension cups are used when there is more clearance, and give extra lift.

Because of their compact size, the jacks are also ideal for use on a four-post lift and especially useful in bodyshops for giving additional working clearance for sills and underbody areas.

If space is tight you’ll struggle with a trolley jack, but not with your new pneumatic jack from Laser Tools! Available now from your local Laser Tools supplier.

Spares/Consumable Spares
We have the following spare parts/accessories available for this product.
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Extension Cup - 50mm 4368

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