Soda Blasting/Cleaning 5kg Part No. 7138

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Typical Price:

£29.04 exc VAT
£34.85 inc VAT

Blasting and cleaning soda for use with Laser 7137

Additional Information

  • Special Granulometric Parameters, uses coarser than other sodiumbicarbonate to suit Laser 7137 Pistol Nozzle
  • Sodium Bicarbonate NaHco3 dissolves in water, avoid breathing dust
  • PH 8.6
  • Store in a dry place
  • Always wear full protection for eyes, ear and nose/mouth

Typical Price:

£29.04 exc VAT
£34.85 inc VAT

Strahlen und Reinigen, Soda, für den Einsatz mit Laser 7137

Zusätzlichen Informationen

  • Strahlen und Reinigen, Soda, 5 kg
  • Für die Verwendung mit der Laser Sodastrahlpistole – Teile-Nr. 7137
  • Immer vollständigen Schutz für Augen, Ohren und Nase/Mund tragen

Typical Price:

£29.04 exc VAT
£34.85 inc VAT

Bicarbonate de soude de sablage et nettoyage pour utilisation avec Laser 7137

Information complémentaire

  • Bicarbonate de soude de sablage et nettoyage 5 kg
  • Pour utilisation avec appareil de sablage au bicarbonate de soude Laser – N° de référence 7137
  • Toujours porter une protection totale des yeux, des oreilles et du nez ainsi que de la bouche

Soda Blasting is an environmentally friendly, chemical-free, cleaning process using specially formulated granules of bicarbonate of soda and controlled amounts of compressed air. This soda blasting pistol from Laser Tools (part number 7137) works with a workshop compressed air supply and gives impressive results with no damage to the substrate. Soda is a very soft abrasive and soda blast cleaning is non-destructive — the soda particles shatter upon impact providing a thorough cleaning action that leaves a harmless and safe water-soluble residue.

There are numerous applications: it is ideal for engine components, it cleans, degreases and removes carbon deposits effectively, and is completely harmless on aluminium components. One of soda’s main benefits in terms of automotive use is that it does not cause the surface to heat up — making it essential for cleaning large, flat vehicle components (such as bonnets and roofs), and those made of aluminium or carbon fibre; both potentially at risk of heat warping. Additionally, because soda is water-soluble, any residue left on components such as engine parts can be simply washed away with water – minimising the chance of blocked ports and holes.

Can also be used safely on brick, plaster, vinyl, glass, wood and more, without damage. Great for freshening up exterior garden furniture — old varnish, staining and mould is quickly removed. Graffiti removal becomes straightforward — gently and quickly strip away spray-painted graffiti leaving the base surface clean.

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