8054 Laser Tools Floor Sticker 2m Distancing 6pc

Pack of 6 vinyl floor stickers promoting safe distancing in work & social environments. 300mm in diameter, highly visible, hard waring and weather proof they can be used in all areas where a kindly reminder is needed to keep people at a safe distance.

  • Vinyl floor sticker 300mm in diameter with pictortial warning (suitable for non English speaking countries).
  • Pack of 6pcs presented in a durable material which can be pealed & applied easily.
  • Suitable for all types of environments including offices, shops, trade areas, schools, nurseries, colleges, public transport and also council use.
  • Anti slip and highly visible to stand out even in poorly lit conditions.
TSP: £41.84 ex VAT £50.21 inc VAT

Ces autocollants Laser Tools sont ici pour rappeler dans tout lieu public qu'une distance sociale doit être respectée. Le sachet contient 6 autocollants de 300mm de diamètre.

  • Ce jeu de 6 autocollants en vynil est utilisé pour rappeler des règles de distance sociale aussi bien dans un environnement professionnel que dans un lieu public. Ces autocollants sont particulièrement visibles, résistants et résistent aux intempéries.
  • Autocollants en vynil de 300mm de diamètre avec un pictorial clair de distance sociale.
  • Matière durable qui peut être installé facilement
  • Convient pour un collage sur toute surface dure et tout type d'environnement intérieur et extérieur: bureau, comptoirs, magasins, écoles, transport publique, etc…
  • Autocollants non glissants
TSP: £41.84 ex VAT £50.21 inc VAT
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Keep your work and social environments safe with these new products

Safety first these days and these two new products from Laser Tools promote safe distancing in work and social environments:

The 2m distancing floor stickers (part number 8054), are 300mm wide, self-adhesive and manufactured from hard-wearing and weatherproof vinyl. They can be used in all areas where a kindly reminder is needed to keep people at a safe distance. The pictorial warning is suitable for non-English speakers and they are suitable for all types of work environments including offices, shops, schools, nurseries and public transport. Anti-slip and highly visible to stand out in poorly-lit areas. The 2m distancing floor stickers are supplied in packs of 6.

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The acrylic sneeze screen (part number 8059) lets you protect yourself and others from viruses and infection. This robust, free-standing acrylic screen is perfect for retail and trade counters and makes it safe to serve customers, take payments, etc.  Can also be used in a meeting scenario with clients or colleagues to make a safe environment to hold face-to-face discussions. The acrylic is 3mm thick and the screen has dimensions of 750 x 600 x 200mm. Easy to clean with disinfectant, hot soapy water or alcohol-based cleaners.

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