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Stubborn damaged or rounded-off nuts or bolts are no problem with this HGV-sized, ¾" drive set of damaged nut remover sockets

Worn, damaged or rounded-off nuts or bolts can be difficult to remove — resorting to a hammer and chisel or an angle grinder can harm the operator as well as damaging components. Part of Laser Tools’ ever expanding HGV...
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Posted on Monday 27 March 2017

Digitally accurate wheel camber checking

When fitted to the tyre/wheel, Gunson’s Trakrite camber bar (part number 77137) gives a solid metal base that is parallel to the wheel and suspension upright and is the ideal mount for camber gauges. When used in...
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Posted on Monday 20 March 2017

New easy to use and highly sensitive Thermal Imaging Camera also features a UV leak detector

This new hand-held thermal imaging camera from Laser Tools (part number 6515) combines the function of a surface measuring infrared thermometer with real-time thermal imaging. The device translates thermal energy (heat)...
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Posted on Monday 13 March 2017

Specialist 10-point sockets & bit set for O.Z. split-rim alloy wheel maintenance

Demonstrating Laser Tools’ commitment to special tools and applications is this 10-point sockets and bit set (part number 6345) which is specifically designed for maintenance on split rim alloy wheels from OZ, AC...
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Posted on Wednesday 08 March 2017

Rechargeable head-mounted torch — a bright idea! — and charged via USB lead.

The great advantage of Laser Tools’ new rechargeable head light torch (part number 6808) over the traditional workshop lead lamp is that wherever you are looking, you have light. Lightweight and comfortable, the...
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Posted on Tuesday 21 February 2017

Designed for HGVs — new super-strong oil filter chain wrench

This new oil filter wrench from Laser Tools (part number 6318) is of the classic chain design but is designed for HGVs and thus extra strong and featuring a chain length of 520mm.It will fit canister-type filters of...
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Posted on Tuesday 14 February 2017

Quick and extremely accurate method of testing brake fluid safety

Non-silicone based brake fluids absorb moisture over their service life and braking efficiency and safety is greatly reduced. As the level of moisture in the brake fluid increases, the boiling point gets lower, and the...
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Posted on Thursday 09 February 2017

Handy hand-held brake pipe flaring tool — makes flaring brake pipes easy when access is restricted

The compact design of this new brake pipe flaring tool from Laser Tools (part number 6728) means that it is particularly suited to on-vehicle use, making it very convenient and a real time saver. Under a wheel arch or...
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Posted on Monday 06 February 2017

HGV crank rotators for Scania, MAN and DAF

Part of Laser Tools’ ever expanding HGV range, these three crankshaft rotators are designed to fit correctly to the respective crankshaft pulley wheels and enable easy turning of the crankshaft for service and...
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Posted on Thursday 02 February 2017

Easy to use glow plug threaded insert kits

Glow plug threads are easily damaged, especially on alloy cylinder heads. This can be due to corrosion, over-tightening or even drill damage when the head has broken off a seized glow plug. The solution is to fit a new...
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Posted on Tuesday 24 January 2017
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