Safety Goggles - Detachable Face Shield Part No. 6514

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£19.22 exc VAT
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Super effective goggles and detachable face shield for the workshop environment.

Additional Information

  • Designed to meet ANSI standards
  • Gives full face protection when required with goggle lens and face shield.
  • The detachable face shield gives more flexibility and is less bulky than a standard face shield
  • The goggle frame is vented and manufactured from PVC and includes an adjustable strap
  • Manufactured from Polycarbonate
  • Erfüllt ANSI-Normen
  • Vollständiger Gesichtsschutz mit Schutzgläsern und Gesichtsmaske, wenn erforderlich.
  • Die abnehmbare Schutzmaske bietet mehr Flexibilität und ist weniger unhandlich als ein konventioneller Gesichtsschutz
  • Der Brillenrahmen ist belüftet und besteht aus PVC. Er umfasst einen verstellbaren Riemen
  • Aus Polycarbonat
  • Offre une protection complète pour le visage
  • Conforme au standard ANSI
  • La face détachable est légère et offre davantage de flexibilité que les masques standards
  • Les lunettes sont ventilées et fabriquées à partir de PVC. Elle inclut un élastique ajustable
  • Fabrication en Polycarbonate.
This new set of safety goggles with detachable face shield from Laser Tools (part number 6514), is designed to meet ANSI standards and manufactured from polycarbonate, for glass-like transparency, high strength, toughness and heat resistance.

The goggles are comfortable, with a vented frame to stop them steaming up and an easily-adjustable strap. The detachable face shield makes this a very flexible combination and is lighter and less bulky than the usual face shield.

Comfortable, practical and with the exceptional impact strength of polycarbonate, it is designed for a long and useful life in the toughest workshop. Available now from your Laser Tools supplier.

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