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Safely remove heavy EV batteries with these two new products
Tuesday 17 May 2022

Electric vehicle maintenance: modern EV Batteries are designed to be easily removed from the vehicle, for both service and/or replacement purposes.However, although they may be simple to remove in theory (ie, a few... read more

Specially-shaped drive shaft wedge tool for VW Group 09G transmissions
Tuesday 10 May 2022

Working on the VW Group 6-speed 09G automatic transmission? Need to split the drive shaft from the transmission? Then reach for the special drive shaft wedge tool (part number 8139) from Laser Tools. Manufactured in... read more

Dedicated bike frame and fork tools from Laser Tools Racing
Tuesday 26 April 2022

Recent additions to the Laser Tools Racing brand bike tools and accessories range are a series of dedicated frame and fork tools suitable for installing and removing headsets, threading cables through internally routed... read more

Accurate and easy to use digital torque testers
Thursday 21 April 2022

With a business’s need to ensure compliance with industry standards of torque-controlled tools, Laser Tools has recently introduced a range of three digital torque testers that make it easy to check accuracy and... read more

Don’t be late for the new season with the new Laser Tools Racing Wall Clock
Tuesday 19 April 2022

A great gift for any petrolhead or treat yourself to one! The new Laser Tools Racing wall clock (part number 8346), keeps accurate time and also displays temperature and humidity. This 30.5 cm, battery-powered clock is... read more

Jaguar / Land Rover 2.0 litre diesel engine balance shaft removal and installation kit
Tuesday 12 April 2022

When it comes to special, engine-specific tools, you can rely on Laser Tools. New to the extensive Laser Tools range is this Balance Shaft Removal & Installation kit for the Jaguar / Land Rover AJ200 2.0 litre... read more

Easy to use electrical connector removal tool
Thursday 07 April 2022

Pulling multi-pin electrical connectors apart can (literally) be a pain sometimes, especially if you’re struggling to access a harness connection between the engine and bulkhead or behind the gearbox. The new connector... read more

Combined Volvo petrol and diesel engine timing kit
Tuesday 05 April 2022

For technicians working on Volvo engines, Laser Tools has recently introduced a new engine timing kit (part number 8194) which combines their 8108 2.0 litre diesel-engine timing kit with their 8134 1.5 and 2.0 litre... read more

Ford EcoBlue alternator pulley tool set
Thursday 31 March 2022

Need to remove a Ford EcoBlue alternator pulley without damage? Make sure you have this specialist alternator pulley tool set (part number 8240) from Laser Tools handy. Designed specifically for the Ford EcoBlue... read more