2722 Wire Twisting Pliers 150mm/6"

Twists wire together to ensure essential fixings are secure.

  • For securing essential nut fixings.
  • Incorporates standard pliers with the added benefit of twisting wire.
  • Wire available separately - please see Laser Part No. 6869.
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Press Release
Safety wire nut & bolt drilling jig kits

Although primarily used in motor racing, using safety wire to secure components finds many applications in high performance and classic road cars also. Lock wire or safety wire is a type of positive locking device that prevents fasteners from loosening due to vibration as well as other forces. Safety wiring also serves as a visual indicator that the fasteners have been properly tightened.

Typically, the wire is threaded through a hole drilled into a fastener or part, then twisted and anchored onto a second fastener or part, then twisted again. It’s especially useful for critical areas such as suspension and brakes, but it’s also very useful for securing other components, such as keeping exhaust manifold bolts, or remote oil filter mounting bolts from becoming loose.

The two drilling jig kits from Gunson (part number 77080 Metric or 77118 Imperial), include both a nut jig and a bolt jig. The metric bolt jig suits six bolt sizes: 6 x 1.0, 8 x 1.0, 8 x 1.25, 10 x 1.25, 10 x 1.5 and 12 x 1.5mm. The imperial bolt jig suits six sizes: UNC 1/4-20, UNC 5/16-18, UNF 5/16-24, UNC 3/8-16, UNF 3/8-24 and UNC 7/16-14. Both jigs accept drills of up to 2mm.

The nut drill jigs clamp the nut very securely and lets an accurate hole be drilled through two adjacent flats of the nut. To finish the job, use the special Wire Twisting Pliers from Laser Tools (part number 2722) and the stainless steel Safety Locking Wire, also from Laser Tools — part number 6869.

These drill jig kits are available now from your Gunson and Laser Tools supplier.

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