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Great new self-adjusting locking pliers from Laser Tools
Tuesday 23 February 2021

Every tool box has a pair of self-grip or locking pliers; they have been around for decades. Great, versatile tools, but you have to adjust them each and every time whenever you grip a different fastener, clamp some... read more

Car fitted with an anti-misfueling flap in the filler neck? These two new funnels from Laser Tools will let you put fuel or fuel additives into your tank.
Thursday 18 February 2021

Around 150,000 UK drivers of cars and vans put the wrong fuel into their tanks every year and this has prompted manufacturers to fit new cars with anti-misfueling flaps — this stops the driver putting the wrong sort of... read more

Professional Turbo System Tester Set from Laser Tools
Wednesday 17 February 2021

This new 13-piece Turbo System Tester set from Laser Tools (part number 7981) is designed to charge the turbo system with a low pressure of regulated workshop air to indicate the presence of leaks within the system. To... read more

HGV special tools: impact-quality ball joint socket designed for Volvo B12
Tuesday 09 February 2021

New to Laser Tools’ range of HGV and commercial vehicle special tools is this 6-point castellated socket specifically designed to fit the ball joints used on Volvo B12 bus and coach chassis (part number 8017).Once the... read more

Vacuum tester and suction brake bleeder kit
Thursday 04 February 2021

New from Laser Tools is this automotive test, tune up and brake bleed vacuum pump with adaptor kit (part number 8018). Ideal for a wide variety of automotive applications, such as tune-ups, diagnostics and testing,... read more

Wheel nut socket not fitting your factory wheel nuts properly? Laser Tools to the rescue!
Tuesday 02 February 2021

You’ve got original factory wheel nuts and you’ve got the wheel nut socket that was supplied with the car. But it doesn’t fit! What’s going on?Some wheel nuts are manufactured with a permanently fitted chromium plated... read more

Accurately measure percentage levels of ethanol and biodiesel in fuels with this new kit from Laser Tools
Thursday 28 January 2021

In recent years the increased use of biodiesel and ethanol petrol has started to cause running issues with some diesel and petrol engines. Some vehicles manufacturers have specifically forbidden the use of such fuels on... read more

Fully portable Vacuum Box for easy fluid extraction and brake bleeding
Tuesday 26 January 2021

The Laser 8003 portable vacuum box is designed to extract fluids under vacuum — this is a lightweight, easily portable unit and once the vacuum has been generated with workshop compressed air, the unit can be carried to... read more

Professional memory saver from Laser Tools features internal sealed battery
Tuesday 19 January 2021

A great new car battery memory saver for the professional vehicle workshop from Laser tools: if a vehicle’s battery is disconnected, any memory within the on-board electronics can be lost; this could be trip and fuel... read more