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When repairing gas struts, safely secure the bonnet or tailgate with this telescopic support
Wednesday 12 May 2021

When repairing or replacing a bonnet or tailgate gas strut, the panel is heavy with one (or both) of the gas struts removed and you will need an additional method of supporting this weight. A block of wood or a broom... read more

Tough, durable and hygienic stainless steel bucket and lid from Laser Tools
Wednesday 05 May 2021

This is one to cross off your bucket list! Manufactured from heavy-duty, high-grade stainless steel this 12 litre bucket (part number 5929) from Laser Tools is far stronger and easier to clean than plastic or galvanised... read more

SCR (AdBlue®) system pressure test kit
Tuesday 27 April 2021

Modern diesel emission systems incorporate technology that is designed to clean up the emissions as the gasses pass through the exhaust system. One of the most popular systems uses a urea solution, like AdBlue®, that is... read more

Useful and practical three-piece set of storage tool pouches
Tuesday 20 April 2021

Another storage solution from Laser Tools: this set of three multipurpose storage tool pouches (part number 7837), is ideal for carrying tools, spares, fixings, or handheld electronic devices, when you're on the... read more

Handy extractor sets for damaged and rounded-off hex and Torx® fasteners
Tuesday 06 April 2021

It can be frustrating when confronted with a hex or Torx® fastener that has become damaged, cross-threaded or jammed, and then becomes even more damaged and rounded-off as you attempt to remove it. Of course you can... read more

Keep your work and social environments safe with these new products
Wednesday 31 March 2021

Safety first these days and these two new products from Laser Tools promote safe distancing in work and social environments:The 2m distancing floor stickers (part number 8054), are 300mm wide, self-adhesive and... read more

Garage owners: need solid, informed technical advice on hybrid & electric vehicles? Arrange for a visit from the Laser Tools expert.
Monday 29 March 2021

With increasing numbers of hybrid and electric vehicles on the road requiring repairs and maintenance, workshops are investing in new skills and technology to keep pace with this growth. To keep their workshops up to... read more

Laser Tools announces new race partnership with the 750 Motor Club’s BMW 116 Trophy series
Tuesday 23 March 2021

Laser Tools has announced a new race partnership with the Gaz Shocks 116 Trophy, the affordable, competitive and unique one-make endurance race formula dedicated to the BMW 1 Series E87. The sponsorship deal will see... read more

Ford twin-plate dry clutch removal tools
Tuesday 16 March 2021

If you have to fit a new Ford 6 speed DPS6/6DCT250 twin-plate dry clutch you will find that the new replacement clutch pack is supplied with transit hooks which are built-in and specially set. However, if you have to... read more