Rear Suspension Tool - Trailing Arm Bushes Part No. 4437

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Rear suspension tool for trailing arm bushes

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  • Rear suspension tool for trailing arm bushes.
  • Ford Focus Mk 1 & II (98-07)(07<) | Kuga 2008< | C-Max MPV 2007 | Mazda 3 (Chassis BK) 2003<09 Saloon and Hatchback, 5 (Chassis CR, CW) MPV | 2005 Volvo V50 Estate 2004<2012, S40 Mk II Saloon 2003<2012.
  • Always lubricate the bar thoroughly before and after use.
  • Bar is considered consumable and available as a spare part (Part No 2169).
  • Adequate and appropriate lubricants to be used on threaded force screws and thrust bearing (Laser Tools Recommends Molybdenum Disulphide Grease (black drive shaft grease)
The new Laser Rear Suspension Tool (part number 4437) allows the mechanic to remove and install the bushes on the rear trailing arm on the rear suspension on a range of Ford Focus models. Removing these bushes is often a time consuming job but this tool enables the job to be done with the trailing arm still in place. It has a thrust bearing for removing the old bushes swiftly and replaces them equally effectively, saving time and money on a difficult job. Keeping the tool well greased during after and before operation will ensure the tool is ready to perform whenever necessary. As usual the consumable elements are available through your Laser Tools stockist.

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4437 Product Information Sheet
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  • Threaded Bar - Coarse from 4437 (Part No. 2169)
Consumable Item Item(s) need Lubrication
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