Fuel & Injection Line Clamp & Stopper Kit Part No. 5219

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£52.28 exc VAT
£62.74 inc VAT

A set of tools for use on all Fuel supply lines to stop the flow of fuel after disconnection.

Additional Information

  • Suitable for use on flexi and solid fuel, transmission and brake lines.
  • Pipe separator included.
  • Extended clamp for flexi hoses.
  • Time saver.
  • Supplied in a blow mould case with instructions.
This new fuel line clamp and stopper kit from Laser Tools (part no: 5219) is indispensable for the busy technician with a selection of different tools in a handy kit.

The tools stop fluid loss and seal off pipes and hoses while working on the engine and ancillaries. They are designed to suit a variety of pipes and hoses, including fuel lines, transmission fluid lines, brake pipes, coolant lines, vacuum pipes, etc.

  • Use to seal steel, plastic and rubber lines once disconnected.
  • Prevents fluid leaks and contamination during servicing.
  • Use with all automotive fluids.

The tools included are:

  • Extension hose clamp — useful for clamping off hoses where access is limited.
  • Stoppers — used to close off hoses, vacuum pipes, etc. Six stoppers are supplied, two of each size: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16".
  • Metal fuel pipe clamp — seals off the end of fuel pipe.
  • Banjo clamp — seals off both sides of a banjo fuel or brake pipe fitting.

The kit also includes a handy fuel pipe separator to quickly disconnect snap-fit fuel connectors.

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