Ribbed Auxiliary Drive Belt Pulley Puller Part No. 7114

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£180.72 exc VAT
£216.86 inc VAT

The 7114 is designed to enable the removal of auxiliary drive belt pulleys that use ribbed belts. The 7114 has a left and right hand threaded clamping mechanism that ensures the toothed clamps close equally onto the pulley ensuring the force screw stays central mounted on the pulley shaft. The 7114 is supplied with 2 sets quick change clamps for different depth pulleys and 2 force screws.

Additional Information

  • Applications include: Water pump pulley, Alternator Pulley, Air conditioning pulleys, crankshaft pulleys, etc.
  • 2 Centre screws for deep/shallow auxiliary drive belt pulleys
  • Supplied with Center pointed end pin adaptor for pressing shafts with round centre depression and flat end adaptor.
  • Long quick change and short quick change Clamp arms
  • Force screws and clamping arm screws should be lubricated with clean molybdenum disulphide grease.

Typical Price:

£180.72 exc VAT
£216.86 inc VAT

Riemenscheiben-Abzieher mit verstellbarem Grundkörper für Rippenriementrieb, zwei Sätze Klemmen für flache oder tiefe Riemenscheiben

Zusätzlichen Informationen

  • Verstellbarer Abzieher-Grundkörper mit Mittelpunktverstellung zur Wahrung der Symmetrie
  • Mittenschrauben für tiefe/flache Serpentinen-Riemenscheiben
  • Spitzer Stiftadapter zum Pressen von Wellen mit runder mittlerer Vertiefung und flacher Adapter
  • Lange und kurze Klemmarme zum Aufschieben

Typical Price:

£180.72 exc VAT
£216.86 inc VAT

Extracteur de poulie d'entraînement striée avec corps réglable, deux jeux de brides pour poulies minces ou profondes

Information complémentaire

  • Corps d'extracteur réglable avec réglage de point central pour maintenir la symétrie
  • Vis de centrage pour poulies serpentines minces/profondes
  • Adaptateur à extrémité pointue pour appuyer sur les arbres avec dépression centrale ronde et adaptateur à extrémité plate
  • Bras de bridage longs et courts

If an engine is fitted with a serpentine belt and the associated ribbed drive pulleys, then care has to be taken when removing these pulleys, particularly the main crankshaft pulley. A traditional puller is likely to damage the outer edge of ribbed drive pulley. This new puller from Laser Tools (part number 7114) is specifically designed for these ribbed pulleys, and is a versatile solution that will safely and smoothly remove water pump pulleys, alternator pulleys, air-conditioning pulleys, crankshaft pulleys, etc.

The 7114 puller has a left and right hand threaded clamping mechanism that lets the toothed clamps close equally onto the pulley ensuring the force screw stays centrally mounted on the pulley shaft. The toothed design makes the clamps grip across the ribbed section of the pulley and not against the outer edge of the pulley which would easily be damaged.

The 7114 is supplied with two sets of quick change clamps and two sizes of force screw for both deep and shallow pulley depths. Two end pin adaptors are also supplied for round or flat centre depressions.

You can rely on Laser Tools for robust and efficient workshop special tools. The 7114 ribbed drive pulley puller is available now from your Laser Tools stockist.

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