Torque Wrench 150-750Nm 3/4"D Part No. 7171

Typical Price:

£808.22 exc VAT
£969.86 inc VAT

Torque wrench 3/4"D 150-750 nm

Additional Information

  • Range 150<750Nm (110<553Ftlbs)
  • 3/4"D x 1150mm long
  • Magnified window for torque settings
  • Easy locking mechanism
  • Supplied with calibration certificate

Typical Price:

£808.22 exc VAT
£969.86 inc VAT

Drehmomentschlüssel 3/4"-Antrieb, 150-750 Nm

Zusätzlichen Informationen

  • Bereich 150<750 Nm
  • 3/4"-Antrieb x 1150 mm lang
  • Vergrößertes Fenster für Drehmomenteinstellung
  • Einfacher Arretiermechanismus
  • Lieferung mit Kalibriernachweis

Typical Price:

£808.22 exc VAT
£969.86 inc VAT

Clé dynamométrique à entraînement de 3/4" 150-750 N.m

Information complémentaire

  • Plage 150<750 N.m (110<553 ft-lb)
  • Entraînement de 3/4" x 1 150 mm de longueur
  • Fenêtre grossissante pour réglage du couple
  • Mécanisme à blocage facile
  • Fournie avec un certificat d'étalonnage

If a nut or bolt is not tightened sufficiently it will eventually work loose and may even drop off resulting in damage or a dangerous situation. Conversely, if the nut or bolt is tightened too much, it may either strip its thread, snap, or stretch the stud being fastened. A torque wrench is specifically designed to avoid both of these situations — it produces the correct amount of tension in the bolt necessary to hold the parts together without the danger of distorting the bolt, nut or the parts they are holding together.

For higher ranges of torque settings, the torque wrenches used have to be strong and robust, as well as being accurate. This new range of torque wrenches from Laser Tools fits the bill, and are very well suited to heavy workshop use in both commercial vehicle and motor racing applications. There are four torque wrenches in the range: 1/2"-drive x 595mm length (part no: 7169), 3/4"-drive x 970mm length (part no: 7170), 3/4"-drive x 1150 length (part no: 7171) and 1"-drive x 1250mm length (part no: 7172).

The wrenches are dual scale, with a separate easy to read unit graduation and feature a locking ring to maintain the setting. They are all supplied with a calibration certificate. The torque range for each wrench:
7169: 1/2"-drive: 60 - 300Nm (44 – 221lb/ft)
7170: 3/4"-drive: 110 - 550Nm (81 – 405lb/ft)
7171: 3/4"-drive: 150 - 750Nm (110 – 553lb/ft)
7172: 1"-drive: 200 - 1000Nm (147 – 737lb/ft) — as used by Laser Tools Racing in the BTCC, for the centre wheel-retaining nuts on Aiden Moffat’s Mercedes-Benz A-Class, which are torqued to 750Nm.

Professional tools for the professional technicians that need higher-rated torque wrenches — available now from your Laser Tools stockist.

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