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Our premier automotive brand that offers a full range of traditional high quality hand tools and also an increasing range of specialist tools designed to make easy work of difficult and awkward jobs. These tools are the result of feedback from the sharp end of the automotive industry - the actual technicians working on today's motor cars. As well as our impressive range of engine timing tools recent additions to the specialist tools range include fully insulated tools for working on electric and hybrid cars.


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Premier Automotive Hand Tools designed to make easy work of difficult and awkward jobs.

When repairing gas struts, safely secure the bonnet or tailgate with this telescopic support
Wednesday 12 May 2021

When repairing or replacing a bonnet or tailgate gas strut, the panel is heavy with one (or both) of the gas struts removed and you will need an additional method of supporting this weight. A block of wood or a broom...) read more

Tough, durable and hygienic stainless steel bucket and lid from Laser Tools
Wednesday 05 May 2021

This is one to cross off your bucket list! Manufactured from heavy-duty, high-grade stainless steel this 12 litre bucket (part number 5929) from Laser Tools is far stronger and easier to clean than plastic or galvanised...) read more

SCR (AdBlue®) system pressure test kit
Tuesday 27 April 2021

Modern diesel emission systems incorporate technology that is designed to clean up the emissions as the gasses pass through the exhaust system. One of the most popular systems uses a urea solution, like AdBlue®, that is...) read more