Pull Back Rapid Action Ratchet 3/8"D 230mm Part No. 7377

Typical Price:

£57.08 exc VAT
£68.50 inc VAT

Exclusive to Laser Tools! Rapid dual action ratchet handle 3/8"D with 48 teeth.

Additional Information

  • Push thru' bi-directional ratchet.
  • Patented pull back rapid dual drive action for fast removal of fasteners in confined spaces.
  • 3/8"D with 48 teeth mechanism.
  • Length: 230mm.
  • Matt Chrome finish with Chrome Molybdenum drive gear, Chrome Vanadium body and PP+TPR handle.

Typical Price:

£57.08 exc VAT
£68.50 inc VAT

Umschaltknarre mit Schnellschraubfunktion, 3/8"-Antrieb, mit 48 Zähnen x Länge 200 mm

Zusätzlichen Informationen

  • Durchsteck-Umschaltknarre
  • Patentierter Rapid-Drive-Mechanismus mit Rückzug
  • 3/8"-Antrieb mit Mechanismus mit 48 Zähnen
  • 200 mm lang
  • Matt verchromte Ausführung mit Antriebsmechanik aus Chrom-Molybdän-Stahl, Schaft aus Chrom-Vanadium-Stahl und ABS-Griff

Typical Price:

£57.08 exc VAT
£68.50 inc VAT

Poignée de cliquet double action rapide à carré de 3/8" avec 48 dents x 200 mm de longueur

Information complémentaire

  • Cliquet bidirectionnel traversant
  • Action d'entraînement à retrait rapide brevetée
  • Carré de 3/8" avec mécanisme à 48 dents
  • 200 mm de longueur
  • Fini chromé mat avec engrenage d'entraînement en chrome-molybdène, corps en chrome-vanadium et manche en ABS

Speed and efficiency — two of the most important things when it comes to quick turnarounds on repairs. Laser Tools understands that sometimes traditional tools can be time consuming — there must be a quicker way? That’s why they’ve developed the pull-back rapid-action ratchet. This ratchet redefines speed and effectiveness wherever you would use a conventional ratchet handle. The 3/8” inch drive spins more than 360 degrees with a simple pump of the patented pull-back grip. Two ratchet lengths are available: part number 7376 (350mm) and part number 7377 (230mm).

Simply attach your socket or driver, then secure onto the fastener that needs to be removed. This is a dual-action tool — loosen off the fastener in the conventional way by turning the handle — then operate the pull-back grip and be amazed how quickly the fastener spins off. Repetitive fastener removal times are now cut in half. To change direction, simply push the drive post through. Re-attach your driver, and start tightening.

The longer version (part number 7376) is particularly useful when access is limited, and there simply isn’t enough space to swing a conventional ratchet. Loosen the fastener, pull the grip, remove with ease.

Two useful additions to the tool kit and available now from your Laser Tools stockist.

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