8649 Camshaft Timing Tool - for Ducati

For use with Timing Belts

Described as a belt roller timing tool by Ducati, the Laser 8649 timing tool is designed to hold the camshafts in their timed position while allowing the sprockets to move so ensuring the belt tension is equally set when replacing the cam belts on late model 821 to 1200cc v2 engines.

  • Applications include: Ducati 821 to 1200cc engines from 2010 to 2021.
  • Ducati models covered include: Diavel 1200, Hypermotard 939 & 950, Monster 821 & 1200, Multistrada 950 & 1200, Streetfighter 848 & 1098, Superbike 848 & 1198.
  • Designed to fit in accordance with OEM instructions.
  • Equivalent to OEM number 887651623.
  • Designed to hold the camshafts in alignment while setting the belt timing.
TSP: £200.16 ex VAT £240.19 inc VAT

Das von Ducati als Riemenrollen-Einstellwerkzeug bezeichnete Einstellwerkzeug Laser 8649 wurde entwickelt, um die Nockenwellen in Position zu halten, während die Kettenräder eingestellt werden. Auf diese Weise wird beim Austausch der Steuerriemen an den neueren V2-Motoren mit 820 bis 1200 cm³ eine gleichmäßige Riemenspannung sichergestellt.

  • Einsatzmöglichkeiten u. a.: Ducati-Motoren von 821 bis 1200 cm³ von 2010 bis 2021.
  • Für u. a. folgende Ducati-Modelle: Diavel 1200, Hypermotard 939 und 950, Monster 821 und 1200, Multistrada 950 und 1200, Streetfighter 848 und 1098, Superbike 848 und 1198.
  • Entwickelt für eine Verwendung gemäß den OEM-Anweisungen.
  • Entspricht OEM-Nummer 887651623.
  • Zum Feststellen der Nockenwellen beim Einstellen des Zahnriemens.
TSP: £200.16 ex VAT £240.19 inc VAT

Décrit comme un outil de calage de galet de courroie par Ducati, l'outil de calage Laser 8649 est conçu pour maintenir les arbres à cames dans leur position de calage tout en permettant aux pignons de bouger afin de veiller à ce que la tension de la courroie soit égale lors du remplacement des courroies de distribution sur les moteurs v2 de 820 à 1200 chevaux.

  • Les applications comprennent : Moteurs Ducati de 820 à 1 200 chevaux de 2010 à 2021.
  • Les modèles Ducati couverts comprennent : Diavel 1200, Hypermotard 939 et 950, Monster 821 et 1200, Multistrada 950 et 1200, Streetfighter 848 et 1098, Superbike 848 et 1198.
  • Conçu pour être monté conformément aux instructions fournies par le constructeur.
  • Équivalent à la référence OEM 887651623.
  • Conçu pour maintenir les arbres à cames alignés pendant le réglage du calage de la courroie.
TSP: £200.16 ex VAT £240.19 inc VAT
For use with Timing Belts
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Press Release
Introducing the Laser 8649 camshaft timing tool - precision timing for Ducati engines!

Ducati enthusiasts will be interested the new Laser Camshaft Timing Tool (part number 8649), an essential tool designed specifically for late-model 821 to 1200cc V2 engines. This innovative timing tool is a must-have for maintaining precise timing during cam-belt replacement, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your beloved Ducati.

Described by Ducati as a belt-roller timing tool, it holds the camshafts securely in their timed position while allowing the sprockets to move. The design ensures that the belt tension is evenly set during cam belt replacement, eliminating any concerns about misalignment or improper timing.

The 8649 covers a wide range of Ducati models with 821 to 1200cc engines manufactured between 2010 and 2021:
    Diavel 1200
    Hypermotard 939 & 950
    Monster 821 & 1200
    Multistrada 950 & 1200
    Streetfighter 848 & 1098
    Superbike 848 & 1198

Engineered for precision and reliability, the Laser 8649 timing tool is designed to fit perfectly in accordance with OEM instructions, ensuring seamless integration into your Ducati engine maintenance routine. Its equivalency to the OEM number 887651623 guarantees top-notch performance and compatibility.

Elevate your Ducati engine maintenance to new heights of accuracy and efficiency. Ensure your cherished Ducati continues to deliver peak performance for years to come. Available now from your Laser Tools stockist and online retailers. 

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