8680 Heat Inductor Kit 1000W (UK Plug)

CE Approved UK Conformity Assessed RoHS Advisable to wear safety glasses Advisable to wear safety gloves Product Video available

This hand-held induction heater creates a high intensity flameless heat to provide a quick and simple method of loosening seized or corroded metal components such as nuts and bolts, track rod ends and exhausts etc. It comes supplied with a set of six different sized heat inductor coils which help to allow for the heat to be concentrated only in the area in which you want the heat applied, minimising the risk of damage to any surrounding components and providing a safer option to heating with an open flame. This new model also features a removable pistol grip handle, which allows the inductor to be used straight on making it ideal for use on otherwise hard to reach fixings.

  • Mains-powered heat inductor which provides a flameless heat suitable for use on seized nuts & bolts, track rod ends, exhausts etc.
  • Features a detachable handle, allowing it be used straight on or with pistol grip, an integral LED light & a rotary lock to keep the coils in place during use.
  • 220v single phase, 4A, 1000W output power.
  • Supplied with 6pc coil set (Part No. 8682), together with a robust carry case for safe storage.
  • CE & RoHS compliant. Full range of coils available separately, please see Part Nos. 8683 (flat 65 x 200mm), 8684 (horizontal 22 x 200mm), 8685 (flexible 1000mm), 8686 (standard 18 x 200mm), 8687 (standard 22 x 200mm) & 8688 (28 x 200mm).
TSP: £777.22 ex VAT £932.66 inc VAT

Cet appareil de chauffage par induction portable crée une chaleur sans flamme de haute intensité pour fournir une méthode de desserrage rapide et simple de composants métalliques grippés ou corrodés tels que les écrous et les boulons, les têtes de barres d'accouplement, les échappements, etc. Il est fourni avec un jeu de six bobines d'induction thermique de tailles différentes qui permettent de concentrer la chaleur uniquement dans la zone visée, minimisant ainsi le risque d'endommager les composants environnants et offrant une option plus sûre que le chauffage à flamme nue. Ce nouveau modèle d'inducteur est également doté d'une poignée pistolet amovible, permettant de l'utiliser sans poignée, ce qui le rend idéal pour les fixations difficiles à atteindre.

  • Inducteur thermique alimenté par le secteur pour fournir une chaleur sans flamme convenant aux écrous et boulons grippés, aux têtes de barres d'accouplement, aux échappements, etc.
  • Il est doté d'une poignée détachable, permettant de l'utiliser avec ou sans poignée pistolet, d'un éclairage LED intégré et d'un verrouillage rotatif pour maintenir les bobines en place pendant l'utilisation.
  • 220 V monophasé, 4 A, puissance de sortie de 1 000 W.
  • Fourni avec un jeu de bobines de 6 pièces (référence 8682), ainsi qu'une mallette de transport robuste pour un rangement sûr.
  • Conformité CE et RoHS. Une gamme complète de bobines est disponible séparément, voir les références 8683 (plate 65 x 200 mm), 8684 (horizontale 22 x 200 mm), 8685 (flexible 1 000 mm), 8686 (standard 18 x 200 mm), 8687 (standard 22 x 200 mm), 8688 (28 x 200 mm).
TSP: £777.22 ex VAT £932.66 inc VAT
CE Approved UK Conformity Assessed RoHS Advisable to wear safety glasses Advisable to wear safety gloves Product Video available
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Press Release
Advanced new hand-held heat inductor

Laser Tools has just introduced their new Heat Inductor Kit (part number 8680), a versatile and powerful tool that utilises advanced heating technology to loosen rusted or seized nuts, bolts, and other components. 

Advanced heating technology: the heat inductor uses induction-heating (rated at a powerful 1000W), to rapidly and precisely heat targeted metal components. This process effectively expands the metal, breaking the rust or corrosion bond without damaging surrounding materials. This allows for a quick and efficient method of loosening seized or corroded metal components without the need for an open flame. The result is a much safer and more controlled heating process.

This new model features a removable pistol grip handle, providing you with the flexibility to use the inductor straight-on or with the pistol grip. This innovative design makes it ideal for tackling otherwise hard-to-reach fixings with ease.

Included in the kit is a six-piece coil set, including a flexible, fully-adjustable soft-coil, together with a robust carry case for safe storage. Full range of coils available separately. Built to withstand demanding work environments, the Heat Inductor Kit is constructed from high-quality materials, assuring durability and longevity. The instrument is CE and RoHS compliant.

Say goodbye to frustrating, time-consuming and potentially dangerous manual methods — the Heat Inductor Kit is suitable for use in various industries, including automotive repair, maintenance, construction, and more. 

Now available for purchase from your Laser Tools stockist and online retailers.

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